Sunday morning course Mindful Run Peace Palace – 19 maart

After CPC: leer in de drukte kalm te genieten van het nu, en leuke trucs om voortaan lichter te lopen. Zondagochtend, 19 maart, Mindful Run Den Haag, internationals, Vredespaleis!

Mindful Run Den Haag

(First: does your health insurer happen to be Zorg & Zekerheid ánd you have an extra insurance module there? A refund until 100% is possible! Mail me at, also for other refund-options!)

What is it?
The official national 5-weeks course in Mindful Run, with start and finish on Sunday mornings at Peace Palace, The Hague. Mindfulness linked with playfulness, sport linked with real life. Light intensity: after every 2-300 m of jogging at your own pace an exercise in awareness.

Can’t always make it on Sunday? Switch to Friday afternoon.

Experience more mindful moments during the day.
More positive feeling towards… everything.
Smart natural movements.
Positive breath, also in times of stress.
Allow yourself to pause more often.
From hard to heart.

Each session is followed by an email with suggestions for the rest of your week. Mileage and speed are not the goal, enjoying the moment and personal physical and mental freedom is. How to listen to your body better. How to discover The Hague’s beauty in an original way: a most natural way! Smart fun on the long run!

5 sessions cost 95 euro together. (Nationwide same price.)

– your 95 euro will be deducted from any Keep Alive Tours-week in Sardinia!
– after the 5 weeks session you are welcome at half price in 2017 on any Mindful Run event or course in The Hague.
– participate and pay 50 euro less on this WALKING VERSION

Start: Sunday 19 March 2017, at 9.20 uur, until max. 10.45 h
Finish: 5 Sundays later.
Start at the entrance of the Peacepalace, Carnegielaan 1, almost next to the French embassy

Miss a session?
You will have many options to catch up, trust on it.

Relax, this is far from 1,5 hours of running, indeed suitable for beginners and non-beginners.

More info:

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